Founded in 1978, focusing on manufacturing metal stamping parts

We have ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certifications to assist in product design/new product development, manufacturing, installation and service, and improve systems and processes to enhance customer satisfaction. Operating under high quality norms, our products are highly appreciated and ordered by customers across the world.

Provide OEM parts and truck AM parts services

For OEM parts, we have a professional development and production team to listen to your needs and produce products that meet your requirements.
For truck AM parts, we produce aftermarket parts for European-style heavy-duty trucks, such as bumpers, front ventilation grilles, fender brackets, etc., which are the best solutions for exterior metal parts of the cockpit. Our company's products have been treated with ED electro-coating. The products are rust-proof, easy to install and durable. The product has excellent performance and is comparable to the original product. It is great value for money and is your best choice.

Provide customized storage material racks and equipment

We also provide heavy-duty material racks and handling equipment for corporate warehousing, and provide customized professional services to help companies increase warehouse storage area and facilitate efficient and easy handling.


Standing on the shoulders of the past and looking ahead,
we grow and run against the wind for our dreams. Thank you for walking with us all the way.